giovedì, luglio 27, 2006


I'm having a very hard time concentrating on how much I need a haircut and how to get rid of one or two inches of tummy before my lover gets here when the Israeli justice minister can go on the radio and say this - and be right. They did get a carte blanche, and they will be able to flatten the south of Lebanon with diplomatic impunity because we will be able to fool ourselves into believing anyone who isn't Hezbollah will have left even after weeks of roads and bridges being bombed out.

And that the response of the Israeli ambassador to the UN to Kofi Annan's reaction to the dead UN observers should be so mocking. Of course it was on fucking purpose. You don't ignore hours of calls by accident. The Israeli administration knows enough dead UN observers now means fewer UN observers later after they've established another occupied strip in Southern Lebanon - Australia has already pulled all theirs out - and this way they can have the strip policed by NATO forces instead. Does that make sense? Sure. You know how many censures the UN has brought against Israel? Lots. If I was Israeli I wouldn't want the UN in charge of protecting my northern border either, because the UN represents the world, and the world thinks badly of Israel, and will think far, far worse of Israel now.

But that doesn't make what they're doing any less stupid. NATO in Southern Lebanon will be so inflammatory, even if they're not Americans (which means it'll be us and whichever other country has an administration in the mood for taking it up the ass), that it'll be systematically picked off until the dead soldier's home countries insist on withdrawing the forces; it'll be replaced by another Israeli occupation or another toothless UN mission, Syria will react either to the resultant popular resentment or toothlessness by re-entering and re-arming Hezbollah and the whole thing will start over again except worse. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And instead of having supported the evolution Lebanon was making into a strong, stable, anti-Syrian democracy, we're supposed to support this? Israel is supposed to be our ally when it's declared war on the world? It's already killed nine Canadians and we're supposed to support that? Oh, my gracious fuck.

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