martedì, luglio 25, 2006

Pasties trump Dragon

Ugh. Marvellon makes me feel gross. It's a tired, oft-asked question but still in urgent need of an answer: how have we been able to send men to the moon, teach gorillas sign language and still not found a pill to make me not have babies that doesn't make me wake up with the pasties? Lady has suggested looking into IUDs. I don't know - when I was 12 I read Everything You Need to Know About Sex* *but were afraid to ask and the author mentioned the stories about babies being born clutching IUDs - but then, that author was an asshole. This is what Wikipedia has to say.

Otherwise, I'm about halfway through a book called Happiness: a History by Darrin McMahon. I like it - he writes cute - but I think the principal attraction is that it's like a trip down memory lane in terms of my undergrad degree. In this book, he discusses perceptions of happiness since classical Greece using that same great survey of Great White Man books we studied. Which are fine books - I never had a problem with their Great White Maleness since it's of such importance to know the accepted canon even if it sometimes looks like the half-nonsensical ranting of sexually frustrated clerics to you cough Aquinas cough.

Some boys, however, did have a problem in the third year of our programme, when we hit the Renaissance and beyond and suddenly lots of women writers came into the curriculum. They should have sucked it up. Humanism and the Enlightenment meant women's intellectual contributions were going to be taken more seriously so it makes sense we who study those periods should also take them more seriously. But as importantly, there have been more women than men going into liberal arts degrees for years . . . of course the demographic of the studied authors is going to change, emphasis is going to change, and academic priorities are going to change from being very evidently skewed towards formerly predominant male authors and male students for hundreds of years to, well, not. That's not political correctness, that's reality; if you don't like it, then get a degree of Heavy Lifting or write a book like McMahon's that focusses on that Great White Male canon.

But try to make it as good as this book. He's critical and thorough, but with a light touch that makes this something I can pick up and put down pretty easily. I guess I'll be able to decide if I love it when it comes to the end and I see how he ties this canon into modern psychology . . . I have confidence in him, though. Unlike Wim Wenders, whose The Soul of a Man about J.B. Lenoir and Skip James was a mess that made the subjects seem unimportant and unassociated with anything. Ugh, Wim Wenders. He should go back to making movies about angels.

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Lady ha detto...

well of course the baby will be born clutching it if the doctor was stupid enough to insert one after the baby was made!! i blame the old white fart, not the chick who decided to get an IUD!

this i found particularly interesting: "Intrauterine devices can be used as emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sexual intercourse, or sexual intercourse during which the primary contraception is believed to have failed (e.g. a condom was used, but it broke). Insertion of a copper-T IUD as emergency contraception is more than 99% effective, making it more effective than emergency contraceptive pills (ECP or 'morning-after pill')."

MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THE MORNING AFTER PILL! although the whole "heavier flow, more painful flow for a few months following" didn't seem überfun.

have fun with the mind-fuck/body-fuck pills baby. i don't like it one bit.

Lady ha detto...

ps - it's my friend Aimée who recommended the IUD. she's a midwife and a really smart cookie. i tried to put the word "fuckin" in there for emphasis, but it didn't fit. this chick's the fuckin bomb. there ya go.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I'll talk about it with my midwife sister-in-law. Though I don't know if birth control is her forté.

Lady ha detto...

lol: perhaps not her forté, but midwives tend to be more informed about what's BEST for women and their reproductive systems in general. my friend Aimée doesn't even particularly like babies - it's the women and their care that she's worried about.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm all for midwives, I'll probably use one if they'll let me use nitrous oxide at home, and I couldn't be more glad birth control isn't her forté.