mercoledì, luglio 05, 2006

Oh gross.

I was meant to go to yoga for four this morning and my beautiful new phone didn't alarm me properly - but my smartass body, nonetheless, took the trouble to wake me up at 4:20. Thank you, body, well fucking done. Still, it gave me a chance to finally drive a stake through the heart of Miss P's goddamn botany project, so it's not all a shitty lining.

Which reminds me, I have a new phone number, so don't use the old one. The new phone I got last night has a camera. It's exciting. So far I've only photographed my cat, some roses and my chest. I don't know what it is about holding a camera that makes me photograph my own tits. Sometimes I feel like a Soviet experiment gone wrong. Fuck. This is going to be a sleepy day.

So Italy is through to the finals - my daddy must be over the moon. I'm shocked. Del Piero? Scoring a goal? Four strikers? What's that now? When I look at Del Piero, the last thing I think of is a soccer ball. That's just too surreal. A soccer pitch, maybe. With a big jar of lemon curd and a couple of parachutes. Mmmm. Italian soccer players. Why are the beautiful ones always so evil?

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Lady ha detto...

since the beautiful things have been amusing me lately - WEEEEEE! GO ITALY!!!

have you SEEN the italian goalie?!?! wowza.

hehe - your body woke you at 4:20.

i have a picture of your boobs!! or at least the cleavage thereof.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Italian goalies make me filthy inside. During the, erm, whenever it was the last time they made the finals, that game, the goalie hurt his bum, so his shorts were pulled down and it was sprayed with cortisone.

Italy lost that game - but I won. That remains one of the finest asses I have ever gazed upon.

calisaurus ha detto...

What possessed you to think waking up at 4am was a good idea? That is NEVER a good idea!!!!!

I am a bit sad about Germany's loss, as I am half German. :o( Oh well, better luck four years from now!

Melbine ha detto...

Hey, I was awake at 4:20 this morning take a pee. Thank God early morning wake-ups are not baby related anymore.

Soviet experiment gone wrong..that cracked me up!

I stopped caring about soccer once the Netherlands got put out. Even though I'm half German myself, I just don't have it in me to care how they do! It's probably because my Dutch relatives have turned me against them and I don't know any of my distant relatives in Germany who can defend their land.

I hope Portugal wins. Sorry all those of Italian persuasion..

Melbine ha detto...

Ha-ha, I just looked at your 4:20 link. Who knew?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Cali, Gigi is offering me yoga lessons if I keep making him vegan cookies, and my evenings are too busy to take his classes then. A poor idea? Probably. But I've been having back problems (probably because of my voluminous chest - I just remembered what photo you were writing about, Lady, that made me look like I had a bum on my chest from the sports bra) and the consensus is yoga will get rid of them.

Mel, if Portugal wins the party here will be better than if Italy wins. But obviously for sentimemtal reasons, and because of the ethical crisis in the Italian league, I want Italy to win. It would knock my socks off, though, I was so expecting them to lose to Germany.