martedì, maggio 15, 2007

I happily disgust me

Guess who has free Internet at home? And a HIGHER paycheque than she'd been told in the interview? And a job she's getting to like? And a boy who is the one she likes best? Things, big and small, are just so fucking lovely at the moment that I can't help but be paranoid they'll stop - that I'll be hit by a car or suffer an embolism mid-song. I should probably relax; no doubt I'll fuck it up before long without any need for paranoia.

That sentence had a tree-falling-in-the-forest-making-a-sound feel.

Anyways, I'm visiting home in a little while. It won't be a big trip, hardly big enough to make any effort to change my internal clock (that fucking cockwank of a school where I worked gave me my Early Waking Powers ultra-fast), but I'll see my family and with any luck a good number of friends too; even if Toronto goes ballsy with all the running around and trying to bond with the children I'll see lots and lots of people at Sugarplum's wedding.

My generation is in the wedding period of socialization, seems like - we get this, and then we get baby showers and stuff, and eventually funerals, I suppose. Sorry, but being in a good mood always makes me morbid. And I think that socialization in itself is the best reason in the world to get married; weddings are more fun than funerals, at least for the people who aren't suffering through all the preparation. It's age old social glue, whether one does it in a mayor's office or not.

Like Nicholas Sarkozy's wife, who he met when he was marrying her to another man. I stand by everything I wrote in my last blog entry, but I'm also getting discomfiting love butterflies for that snide little troll, which I'm shocked to realize I've had on and off since an interviewer asked him if he ever imagined being president while he looked in the mirror shaving in the morning, and he just said "Pas seulement quand je me rase." I don't know if it's a question of sexuality shifting with age, but I'm starting to have a fetish for off-the-cuff, simple, yet smart-ass and loaded statements. At least, I think that's what all this is about. Or else this is just what happens when I don't see my analyst for a couple of months.

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Dale ha detto...

I think you should not see your analyst for several more months.

Will blogging be new age old social glue?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Much as I like blogging, Dale, there's more concentrated group fun at a wedding - although your blog looks like lovely concentrated group fun, so who knows?

And is it a general dislike of analysts that makes you write that, or are you just curious to see which other political monstrosities I'm going to start jonesing for? Yulia Tymoshenko's not bad either, while I'm thinking about it.

Dale ha detto...

I just meant that your writing is so excellent that I'd rather you were here more instead of at the analyst's wasting valuable time. It sounds like a rampantly busy and interesting time for you. And yes, I want to see who you set your sights on next!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...