mercoledì, maggio 09, 2007

Liking things more

Predictably, I like my job way more now that I've got used to being in an office again and have scraped together the balls to start pursuing people for stories. I was having a three-day blockage (hmm) about the audacity of it all; it goes against every fibre of my Calabrian three-monkeys convictions to call strangers and ask them to tell me things about their business. Especially since all the tips my predecessor left were for Russians, and I find Russians intimidating. But then I realized time would pass slllllooooowwwly until I was fired if I didn't start doing things, and now I do it, and it's not bad - they need the publicity as much as we want to give it and the worst they can do to me isn't much.

Saw "Dick in a Box'" for the first time last night. I wonder how many cockbrains actually did that on their ladies' special occasions immediately afterwards.

Speaking of cockbrains, have you heard about this past election in France - the one that has been all about change, an end to stagnation, while featuring both parties who have been stagnating filthily along since the establishment of whatever fucking millionth republic the French have rioted their way to now?

Sarkozy and Royal could present themselves in whatever shiny white suits and snarly toff poses they liked, but only a huge pack of idiots could have forgotten the people behind them were exactly the same as those behind their revolting predecessors, and that Sarkozy only started representing a change from his political godfather and mentor, Chirac, when he made a strategic party power grab too early. Luckily for Sarkozy and Royal, the huge pack of idiots turned out in droves over the French elections.

I try to remember that the French electoral system isn't as representative as it seems from being so complicated, and that it's madness to expect Corsicans, Parisians, Bretons, Alsatians and such like to create a functioning centralized government together. But when 85% of the population turns out for a vote for change and this shit is the best they can do, it makes me think they just keep on getting the government they deserve.

I like Belgium so much better it's not even human.

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Sugarplum ha detto...

I was wondering what you would think about the French election. I don't know much about it but the two candidates seemed so different and it looked to me that the woman might have a chance at making things better. She seemed at least aware of the issues that are rumbling beneath the surface but in the end they chose same old same old. But, like I said, everything I know is from snippits.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Segolene Royal had nothing new to say about anything, although her platform wasn't the same as Sarkozy's, of course.

Oh well. I have a bit of a shameful red hot jones for Sarkozy so at least I'll be looking at him on television alot.