mercoledì, marzo 11, 2009

Flushing a deep commie red

Yes, erm, marketing doesn’t work on me? I watch Benicio del Toro run around the jungle in Che for a few hours, and then suddenly read some of Guavera’s books within a fortnight, and now am stuck in to The Open Veins of Latin America.

I guess all this anti-imperialist literature is much more appealing to me when, instead of some whiny little Yankee Chomksyish 'Democracy Now!' east coast yaaaaaaaawn through the nose voice reading it in my head, there’s the sort of Spanish accent that doesn’t lisp (as they do tend to, here) and that does say things like ‘amorrrrrrrrr’ and 'it makes sex look like church.' I'm starting Spanish lessons after getting my driver's license and I cannot wait to talk like that. I will be so fucking sexy to myself.

The difficulty here, of course, is that I'll almost certainly have a Spanish Spanish teacher, and he or she may be a lispy fucker, and judgemental about my desire to speak like someone from the 'colonies,' as they do tend to think of the new world here, I'm told. No big deal that they think that way. The French and British haven't psychologically relinquished their past 'glories' either - can't expect too much of these European cultures that've peaked and crested - the only thing more shit-headedly ignorant than an invasive power past its prime is an invasive power in its prime. I'll just have to be true to my self and my sense of the sexiness of not lisping and trilling my 'r's, no matter what anachronistic colonialist claptrap is taught to me. 'Amorrrrrrr.' Hot.

My life is turning me into a Communist, I fear. My life, and the sexiness of new-world Hispanic accents. The marketing worked.The Open Veins of Latin America is very engagingly written, though. It would have to be, to get me to keep reading the historiographical equivalent of a snuff film. Poor Latin America. I'd be pissed off and nationalizing everything too.

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Hilts ha detto...

the marketing working on me lately is the new U2 Lp

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

U2 stopped working for me after Zooropa.

Baywatch ha detto...

eww (as in icky) two.

is "sultrous" a word?
it should be.
it was the veri-fica parola for this commment.