venerdì, marzo 13, 2009

I'm a Mac, and you can still use me even if you're a complete fucking idiot, and I'm an Esprit, and I won't give you crotchrot.

This computer I'm currently typing on, the MacBook 13.whatever inch aluminum thingummy, is fucking awesome. I just plugged it in and everything works. Holy shit. I would have bought one of these fuckers years ago if someone had told me how moron-friendly they are.

While I'm plugging brands, I'll also plug the clothing store Esprit. Not only have I recently noticed almost every new item of clothing I've acquired in the past two years is from there - and that counts used clothing I've picked up from consignment shops - it's also the only place on two continents I've been able to find flattering women's jeans that don't have spandex or other artificial fibres in them. What a revolting, physically disgusting fashion tsunami stretchy women's jeans is. It makes perfectly serviceable asses look like German sausages and it's unhygienic.

Finding proper, 100% cotton jeans was a priority for me because I have a horror of yeast infections. Mind you, I haven't had a yeast infection in a decade or more, but I'm sure that's to do with my no lack of trying to avoid one, to the point where I refuse, point-blank, to put any artificial fibers in the vicinity of my Holy Delta, Batman! So I was willing to pay almost any money for proper cotton jeans. I checked everywhere, I checked wildly overpriced designer brands I would never even consider, ordinarily. I was willing to go up to 2 C's in euros, I was fucking ready for some 100% cotton jeans. But no dice for two fucking years.

Finally all my old jeans fell apart and I was swanning around like Lawrence of Arabia in cotton billowy things for half a year before I went into an Esprit and found a pair of fucking gorgeous 100% cotton jeans for 25, count them, 25 eency-weency vaginitis-free euros. I love you, Esprit.

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Dale ha detto...

I'm glad to hear you're not baking sourdough! I wish someone would have forced me to buy a Mac sooner too, stupid effing PCs.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Effing is right. It feels like a scam, that this thing is so much easier to use.