domenica, dicembre 27, 2009

Spain, as far as I can tell, shits all over Italy. The past few years have represented embarassment after embarassment as I head to southern European countries that have had histories as full of oppression and invasion and regionalism andall the other stuff Italians blame for their country being such a fuckery, and see that those countries are less of a fuckery. Probably most dramatically Croatia. But Spain felt like a more apt comparison size-wise. And we were in Madrid, which felt quite equivalent to Milan, where I've also spent a good deal of time - too much. And I can tell you this with absolute certainty - Madrid shits all over Milan. It's more friendly, cleaner, better public transport, nicer restaurants, and there are things to do besides shop and be a big stupid wanker. I really don't know why Italy sucks so much. I don't. I have theories. But right now I'm writing about Spain.

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