lunedì, maggio 17, 2010

If I have to I'm gonna die last

We watched Out of the Past the other day. I just wanted some Hero Robert Mitchum to wash Max Cady Robert Mitchum out of my mouth (we watched his Cape Fear a few days before Robert Deniro's Cape Fear; all in all I preferred the first one even though Gregory Peck interfered with my suspension of disbelief because I can't look at the man without thinking "he must shit ice cream") and oh my goodness it did. Out of the Past is the best movie I've seen since . . . hmm. Casablanca, I guess. In both cases it was the dialogue. Making Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum really quite attractive.

You know it's a fantasy of course, a fantasy that any hard-bitten man in a trenchcoat with shoulders that look like three axe-handles laid end-to-end can deliver lines like "you're going to find it very easy to take me anywhere", as much of a fantasy as that dumb young girls have about the epilated blue-eyed floppy haired personal-trainered pretty boys they poster their walls with being heterosexual or not so narcissistic as to be reproductively useless. But still, man, hawt.

Out of the Past also has the famous "Baby, I don't care" line, and like Casablanca with its catchphrases you can know the line is coming and even have played it in your head before, and it's still a fucking good line . . .

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