venerdì, maggio 21, 2010

The Red Dragon's snatch adventures

1. It really is amazing how Tasmania looks like a snatch, isn't it?

2. I'm still fundamentally happy with the reusable rags in terms of comfort and all the rest of it, but can't deny all the extra laundry is hugely inconvenient since we don't use a washing machine (yep, the hand-crank one is still doing for us, but the F-word has taken it over and quite honestly I don't feel right asking him to wash my rags. Ergo the 'huge inconvenience' comes from me actually having to do laundry), and it uses a vast amount of water and energy to keep them in good shape, stain free, and sterile, since we don't use bleach. Which is sorta fine now that I'm living in a temperate rainforest called Belgium, and may be less fine when I'm in Australia, living through drought/flood cycles.

So I bought a silicon menstrual cup. The only brand I could find here is the Divacup, retailing at a 105% markup from its Canadian price - and oh yes, it's made in Canada. Nice to have a little of the homeland up my twat. I paid the markup because the Red Dragon snuck up on me when I was away from home and unprepared, but anyone else buying in Europe, UK included, should order it from an NA Amazon site or iHerb, it's a fuckload cheaper even with the delivery. It's pretty ace, works a treat, comfy, and tidy. Also can't lie that the reusable rags are bulky: it all feels a bit more svelte walking around with my business tucked up inside. Still bleeding out into the rags o'nights, though. The idea of lying down for eight hours with all that blood trapped up there is as gross as imagining David Cameron's O face.

So seriously, and at the risk of sounding harsh: between resuable rags and the cup, as far as I can tell, at this point any chick still using disposables is a fucking idiot. After lots of usage, as should be clear above I understand some of the objections to rags. But the cup up the twat is actually tidier to use than disposables, and a hell of a lot more 'hygienic' if that's what makes you go ick, since you don't have biohazards hanging around your house for the dog to find and chew on. And it doesn't desiccate your twat like tampons do. And it's safer. And cheaper. And that's all not counting the environment and whatnot. So stop being a fucking idiot. That is all.

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Masonic Boom ha detto...

Oh yes. The only reason one would not choose to insert a silicon object into one's most sensitive parts is because one is an "IDIOT."

Not because an individual's sensitive parts might actually be so sensitive that even tampons create a palpable experience of discomfort. So the idea of sticking not just a little furry ball of wool but a PLASTIC CUP up one's nether regions for prolonged periods might actually be a genuine concern, rather than simple OMG I'm stupid.

Weird, yes. Hyper sensitive in the twat department, perhaps. (And yes, this does cause problems both during sex and especially while at the twat doctor.) But "idiot" is a bit harsh, methinks.


Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

But there's the thing. A tampon is NOT just a furry little ball of wool, it's a hyper-absorbent pellet of highly chemically processed, dioxin-rich cotton that absorbs EVERYTHING, including what it shouldn't. The plastic cup is incomparably more comfortable. And that's not even to mention the comfort of rags relative to tampons.

This is a question of a damaging consumer acceptance - damaging by every analysis, in terms of comfort, convenience and certainly in environmental terms - I'd bought into myself for a good 16 years because of knowing no better.

I was a fucking idiot in fact. Especially since the alternatives to disposables have been well-marketed for almost all of my reproductive life. If I sound harsh, well, sorry, but I mean to.

Have edited though, to make clear that I'm talking about all the alternatives, not just the cup.

Hilts ha detto...

snatch indeed.