giovedì, luglio 15, 2010

None of my business, really.

Not even to the point of effecting my consumer behaviour in a sort of one-woman boycott of Mel Gibson's work based on the desire to disassociate myself with misogyny or racism, since I was already a one-woman boycott of Mel Gibson's work based on its suckage. But I admit, the one about the blow jobs - that's one for the ages. The history books. People centuries into the future will listen to it in school to try to wrap their heads around how our entertainment firmament allowed insane, socially retarded throwback bogans to be given control of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Anyways, South Park called it years ago:

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Dale ha detto...

I remember that. I love the blurb after the video though: Stan and Kenny finally reach Mel Gibson's house to demand their refund, however Mel Gibson is crazy.