domenica, ottobre 23, 2011

Record love-found-and-lost event of the summer

Oh Jesus. Today we drove to Lennox Head for a barefoot run on Seven Mile Beach (which was lovely, but that after running the Yamba to Angourie beach barefoot the day before after no barefoot running since August, and then walking around Lennox Head barefoot to get an ice cream, the bottom of my feet feel like I've been dancing on cheese graters; tomorrow'll be a kayaking-only day) and on the way there, there was this little retard dog running around the fucking highway sniffing up at cars going 100 km or more. We managed to pull over and the F-word called it over; I bundled it up and ran it over to our car.

The fucking moron dog. It was adorable. I mean, fucking adorable. It was the sort of dog I wouldn't buy in a million years because it was the epitome of everything disgusting about eugenicist practices - obviously some sort of lapdog spaniel type of thing, with beautiful melting chocolate eyes popping out in front a brain so fucking retarded and degraded from the wolf this moronic little thing had been bred down from that it thought it was a reasonable idea to run around the highway sniffing at speeding cars. Fucking brainless. It's fucking immoral and disgusting to breed an animal that fucking stupid. A sheep would have enough fucking sense to not run around a highway sniffing at cars.

In the dog's defence, I'm almost certain some cunt of an Australian dumped it. I mean, you could be the shit-dumbest thing on legs and you wouldn't go sniffing at speeding cars on a highway, right? Not chasing them like some dog that still had a bit of wolf in it; just being a fucking moron about them. I don't know, I don't know dogs, and I don't know how stupid they get. Pretty stupid, I guess. But the thing was that age - you know, where it's not the sort of adorable puppy you see on toilet paper advertisements anymore - and it was acting so expectant about the damn cars.

Anyways, this fucking moron dog was fucking adorable. I took it in the car and it just looked so excited and happy to be there. It was cuddly. Like, teddy-bear cuddly. I'm allergic to dogs so not prone to cuddling them, but this was a cuddly little motherfucker, and my brain was still echoing to panicking imagings of the little retard getting its brain squeezed out right in front of me, so I was just sitting there cuddling this adorable little retard. And you know what? For 20 seconds, we had a new dog. The F-word felt it too. But another lady, whose car was full of similar sort of spaniel dogs, pulled over and offered to take it to the vet to get its microchip checked, and basically take care of business. I could hardly not accept. My hives were already bubbling up and she looked so capable. So I brought it over to her car, popped it in, and that was the last of it.

I went back to our car and started crying like a baby. This afternoon I called all the vets in the area to see what had happened and also because I really didn't want to go on thinking the thing had been dumped. On such a busy highway, too, where there were quiet country roads around. I'm not saying there's a good and bad place to dump animals, but doing it on a busy highway instead of a quiet country road - you might as well drown the dumb fuck, or shoot it. Anyways, it hadn't been taken to any of the vets. I reckon it was some sort of fancy breed and the lady kept it. That's fine with me. Better the dumb little fuck is with a eugenicist than dead or in a pound. But I guess I'm still a little down. For 20 seconds that stupid little shit was my dog. And I loved it.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

That's probably the best 20 seconds you and that dog would've had together anyway.

It's all down hill once they start peein' on everything.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

Yeah, you're probably right.