lunedì, aprile 16, 2012

The joys of unimmunity

Pregnancy continues pregnantily. I'm in Melbourne for a conference that I'm not at at the moment because I have no more immune system. Pregnant women don't have much of one, you see; that way, their own bodies don't turn on the embryos. Which means the common cold chews through you like a rabid fucking wolverine. Oh well. It looked like a crappy conference anyways. But I'd rather be home, of course, eating according to my very, very odd predilections, and not having to share a washroom with other B&B guests.

I'm keen on having my own kitchen back because not only are my predilections in terms of what I can eat odd, but eating is further complicated by how it's not supposed to involve much salt, due to my blood pressure, which continues borderline-I-gotta-see-an-OB-instead-of-a-midwife-hey-maybe-I-can-get-a-C-section-instead-of-pushing-a-bowling-ball-out-of-my-insert-whistling-sound-here. Of course this week it's involving salt, because it's involving restaurants. And that's fine by me aside from the health issues. Pregnancy isn't giving me a sweet tooth, sadly. I could sit here eating french fries all day, no trouble. Best not to think about it.

Well, that's enough of all that now. Time for more sleeping.

4 commenti:

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

It's terrible the way the body does that.

I have a sweet tooth the size of a whales molar...and a salt tooth. Fortunately for blood pressure ok (for now) and, as far as I know, I'm not pregnant.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

You can never be too careful. This pregnancy thing can really sneak up on you.

Chris ha detto...

Ugh .. travelling is not going to help with the whole immunity thing either. Good luck!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

The bulk of it'll be in the second trimester, when I'm hoping to be a functioning human again.