mercoledì, maggio 02, 2012

Super Ren

Feeling rather less grim today because we had our 11-week ultrasound yesterday, which turned out to be a 13 week ultrasound. WTF? Every time we check on the due date it seems to move up a week. I don't know how that's possible. I mean it's not like we weren't doing the deed at that point but - well, just more evidence against the rhythm method meaning a damn thing. Ren is growing by leaps and bounds and moving around like he or she knows what she's doing in there. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

And Ren - so far, Ren is normal. Ren is unfrightening. Ren isn't posing any difficult moral questions. Ren waved at us. I'm 100% relief - and relieved Ren's development has progressed this far, so that if I do have to start blood pressure medication, I'm going to worry a little less about things going wrong. I'd really rather hold off until the third trimester, though. We'll see.

Also less grim because I met my midwife. Or a midwife, anyways, who'll be tracking me and who'll take care of the delivery if it turns out to be a normal delivery. And she was great. It was the first time in this whole cunt of a thing that I've seen a medical professional who inspired me with more confidence than doubt. Even sister-in-law buggered me up bad for no reason by pulling out the molar pregnancy card, a really statistically negligible possibility for someone of my age and ethnic group, when I first found out about the high blood pressure. I mean, fuck.

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