lunedì, ottobre 24, 2005


Last night I finally saw Corpse Bride, which I found lame, probably because I wasn't snaked and don't care for animation that isn't funny cartoons. Still, if stop action and lousy musical numbers float your little man in the boat, go see it. I remember being similarly underwhelmed by Nightmare Before Christmas - and picking up mad flack from rabid fans who adored it - so if you liked that you'll probably like this too. And get on my ass because I didn't like it. Here's a pre-emptive 'leave my ass ALONE!' There we are.

Revisions on the thesis are creeping like a dying spider, so who knows when I'm getting to Europe to defend. No four day weekends coming up, so the odds of a little jaunt to Montréal, New York or even Ottawa seem low. But what really drives me nuts is that the world is so frigging huge, and how much of it have I seen? Dribs and drabs; Canada, France, Italy, England, and a bunch of sidetrips to places with the same Indo-European background. I have to think through a plan to see everything in the world.

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