lunedì, maggio 01, 2006

Cute days have tracked us down

To all of those who know him, or will soon, look at adorable . . . uhm, if he's old enough to appear in a blog he's old enough to have a pseudonym - Sam Craig, the offspring of Mme. and M. C. of Kanata, lolling on the lap of one of her mother's I-drank-so-much-last-night-I'm-still-drunk-and-this-baby-on-my-lap-knows-it friends (me). He's a great baby.

The photo was taken chez Blonde Bitch, with whom I had a really cute day zipping around on her motor scooter and being attacked by her two gorgeous cats, one of whom was such a sweet little kitten I could have fainted, and this thing refuses to let me upload the other pictures, either of the motor scooter or the kitten.

Boooooooo. Blonde Bitch is so good at sending photos and I'm so crap at knowing what to do with them. At least you all get to see Sam Craig.

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