martedì, maggio 02, 2006


She came for lunch with her young man. Both lovely examples of humanity. She brought me these. And she brought me these. Neither is available in Canada.

The chocolate-covered ones are already gone - the Muscles from Brussels in the cubicle next door helped, but mostly it was me. And I'm not even nearly sorry. Except there aren't anymore. I'm going to eat the plain ones tomorrow. Or now? Tomorrow? Now? I feel like Faye Dunaway at the end of Chinatown.

Maybe I should bring them to Luke Duke's house tonight . . . but I'm bringing him those yummy bagels from Ottawa . . . yes, I think it's safe to say they're all mine, the pretties . . . I'll share them with the Muscles again so I don't feel too greedy.



I'll give up refined sugar tomorrow.

(10 minutes pass. Mistress La Spliffe falls on her knees.)

"Dear Jeebus, please help me. I am full of sugar and ginger from Marks and Spencers and work is going to last for another hour. Please pull the fire alarm so I can leave and have a little bike ride, or run around the block, or coitus with a lazy man, or SOMETHING.


Jeebus? I'm twitching!"

2 commenti:

calisaurus ha detto...

I LOVE Marks and Spencer - the salt and vinigar chips that look like fries... the soups... the everything! Oh, woe is me and my desire for Marks and Spencer. Thinking about it making me so hungry!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Me too, Cali, meeeeeee too. And their new 'Per Una' line, while possessed of really boring colours, was obviously designed for women with precisely my body type. It makes my woman cushions look beeeyoooootiful.