martedì, marzo 06, 2007

And now I'm sick

Thanks to the F-word being spectacular, some progress is happening with organizing moving, and I'm no longer completely fucking basculated by the process of shifting my ever-fattening bum to Luxembourg. I am sick, however. Went home and did another possession-holocaust there, and the dust that was kicked up in the process - well, I'd say the dust did me in, but how do you feel about environmental allergies? Food allergies I'm not going to delve into the psychology of, because some food makes me die apparently, and I see death as a physical problem at least as much as a psychological problem. But I can't help but wonder if there's some psycho aspect to environmental allergies.

For example, I was allergic to cats until Lexie moved in to deal with the mice problem. Before she came, I resigned myself to three weeks of misery while my body adjusted, but nothing happened and I felt fine around her. Indeed, I loved the munchkin from her first moment in here. (She was crazy last night, by the way. The full moon was making her pretend to be a vicious tiger. God, that cat rocks.) And I realized, prior to Lexie my principal experience with indoor cats had been at one of my madder aunties' houses when I was a kid, a house where I didn't want to be because of the bad energy between her and her kids, and ever since then I'd avoided them or dosed myself with allergy pills if I couldn't.

And obviously I don't want to be throwing out my possessions and packing. It's the fucking pits. So I reckon my body is pretending to be deeply offended by the dust when in reality it just wants to go back to fucking bed, where I am taking it now.

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Sugarplum ha detto...

I don't know. Dust gets in your nose and into your lungs and makes you sneezy. It gets into your eyes and makes them watery - I don't think that is psychological. I notice that I feel crappier when I haven't vaccumed in a while and then I vaccum and I can put the kleenex away and everything's back to normal. If anything it's my immense dislike of cleaning that causes me to not notice that I am suffering from my laziness until it gets bad.

Cats -- well, it seems to depend on the cat. No one is allergic to Charlie but Minou causes major grief in the dude's sister. We had to put her up in the sun porch - the only room that could be sealed off and all the windows kept open the whole time. And she loves us so it's not like your auntie thing. Although her mom was with her and everyone was a bit grumpy with each other as families often are. But she and Charlie are best friends. I think maybe Lexie is like Charlie or you have grown out of it. That's possible.

Melbine ha detto...

I agree with Sugarplum. I get all sneezy and irritated when going through old, dusty books etc. and even though I want to be going through them, my body reacts. Cats irritate everyone a bit but I think most people can build up an immunity if they put up with it for long enough. I think people just don't want to go through the potentially three weeks of misery (like you said). But who knows - maybe it was psychological for you!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Who knows. The only answer that's always right!