lunedì, marzo 05, 2007

Things are really, really, really good

I'm enjoying Facebook. I admit it. I'll even admit that I'm enjoying it excessively and checking it too often and things like that. There are, however, elements of it that annoy me to the degree of some strain, because of the way people are presenting themselves on it.

But then, does the fact that I think other people are trying to communicate "things are really, really, really good" reflect more on them having something to hide, which is my gut hunch, or more on my own self-consciousness in terms of wondering why things aren't as really, really, really good for me as they are for other people? Because things aren't really et cetera at the moment. Yesterday, I couldn't find the keys before going out to meet Magnum and I burst into tears, stamped my foot, and yelled "I hate moving!" into the F-word's shoulder. I'm a stress mess and feeling very sorry for myself.

I think it's the having something to hide thing though. I really do. Whenever I read a wall posting or something that seems to fit that, I remember a colleague of my mother's - a woman who was a study in ambient destructive self-involvement - clutching at my hand one day after I visited her in her lovely big house she owned with her new rich husband in her new (and frankly much better) city - clutching my hand and staring at me with these straining, breaking brittle eyes and saying,

"I'm really, really good. Tell your mother. I'm really, really, really good."

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Melbine ha detto...

Well, a big part of facebook is that it's one big online school reunion. And we all know that no one wants to go to reunion and admit that life didn't turn out the way they thought it would or that they're still living at their mom's house etc.

Really, really, really good - you should always be wary of anyone that puts that much emphasis on the GOOD!

Lady ha detto...

the scissor sisters will make everything better. :)

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Scissor Sisters. I can hardly believe it! Finally!

The irony is things are probably perfectly fine indeed with the people who claim that, Mel, but they don't sure of that themselves yet when they protest too much.