mercoledì, ottobre 24, 2007

Dreams of permanency

Alright, I'm over the Wii. It was good while it lasted but it's not anything you couldn't have played with in a science centre back in the late 90's. We're not getting one and I'm getting a gym membership. Life here has kept me relatively hardbodied, as I'm walking and biking everywhere, and the shittacular elevators in my building even persuade me to do 16-flight stair hikes which I would normally never even consider. But I have She-Hulk fantasies that I'm nowhere close to realizing, and too much tension from the desk time, so the gym it must be.

Five days or so to go before probation is over and I'm waiting with baited breath - no talk of sacking me yet so I don't think it will happen - but you never know. Management is British and they may just be being polite in that absolutely unhelpful British way. I don't think so, though. I think it will probably be okay. And once I get permanency, the classes and gym memberships will start, and before you know it I'll be twice as hardbodied and clever as I am now. Hubris? Well, no, because we don't have a television, which means I have the time and energy for it. If we had a television of course I'd be fucked.

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Hilts ha detto...

All this Wii, and I had no clue what you were writing about. I knew it was a game, but...

Then one of the kids happened to say that she was exhausted from Wii all weekend- still a simple video game on tv to me- but then she made a motion with her arms, and I realised (/I realized.....oops, bad Morrissey!! Note to self= don't clog up others blogs w/ yr Morrissey fixation), ahh, Wii is that game that I've heard about.

But Spliffy my spliffy- I though y loved that shit- and now yr NOT getting it? But Wii?

I guess it had its week. Bad pun.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

After the third time I played with it, it got twiidious.

Worse pun. I win.