lunedì, ottobre 22, 2007

More whining

Saw Batman Begins last night and thought it was a fine little superhero movie. I could have done without the love interest, which seemed contrived and distracted me from adding some texture to the storyline by imagining a nice Mistress La Spliffe sandwich with slices of Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy, but all in all it made me want to sick up less than all the other superhero or Batman movies I can remember. In fairness, I cannot remember the one before the one Michelle Pfieffer dressed up as Catwoman.

Of course, the scale on which I measure my fondness for these types of movies can be gauged along how much they make me want to sick up, with their Bruce Campbell-ian dialogue which is never delivered by Bruce Campbell unless it's an Evil Dead movie so what's the fucking point of talking like that. So I had a little think about superhero movies generally, which of course goes beyond the people in the silly costumes to the army-of-one cops that Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson built their careers on, whose brains would obviously be smeared across the pavement in the first ten minutes of any of the situations they deal with onscreen.

The conclusion was that they're the boy's own equivalent of rom-coms. I feel exactly the same way about rom-coms that I do about superhero movies and they're probably produced by exactly the same people. And then boys make fun of girls for liking rom-coms and girls make fun of boys for liking fetishistic hero movies. What a bloody world.

4 commenti:

Hilts ha detto...

Generally speaking, i liked the Batman movie. Canna remember the story, canna rem. the love interest= but i do rem. liking it.
I'ma sucker fer a love story- I Loved Titanic, f.ex.

Sugarplum ha detto...

I liked the whole crazy-driving plot. I thought it was a fantastically fun movie to watch.

Dale ha detto...

I agree that they really should have left Snaggletooth out of the love mix on Batman Begins, otherwise, it was excellent.

Any plans to see the Grindhouse films? They're out on dvd now.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Hilts - Titanic? No way, I refuse to beliveve you.

It was fun, Sugar, and I'll see the next one as it was meant to be seen - high, and in the cinema, on cheap night.

Nah Dale, I like my ploitation moviess blax. .