mercoledì, novembre 14, 2007

The Red Dragon works (kinda) hard for the money

The Bosswoman is taking us out for lunch today because our deadlines have been advanced for the past week or so and it's been hairy. But you know something - it hasn't been THAT hairy. I'm not saying my job's not hard, but it's not that bad and prrrrrobably it could get a good bit badder before I started really complaining . . . I thought it was important to write that this morning in case it does. I have a review coming up and I'm dreading being told I should be working harder or that since I've been working so beautifully they're going to give me more work to do beautifully - you can see how I might have a sensation of not being able to win, going into this thing.

Though it would be cool if they gave me more money. I just found out that there's no wealth or capital gains tax in this country, and since I have an expat contract that's already getting me more money than I've ever made in my life, even if it's not going to get me a pony anytime soon, and only gets slapped with a fraction of the AVERAGE 50% income tax 'normals' have to pay here*, and since my partner in crime is a master of frugal-but-delectable living, and since the weather is too shitty to spend much time wandering around looking for places to spend money, and since the reefer is fucking cheap, Brussels may be the place that I save enough to retire during my breeding years, or at least move somewhere climactically pleasing.

I also thought it was important to point out my job's not that bad because I have a habit of answering the question "How's it going?" at work in the morning with "Great", "Lovely" or "Fuckin' A!", particularly if I've just got laid, and yesterday, after seven months, I realized that never fails to surprise people. Of course they're mostly English people from the south who're used to displaying no emotion whilst sober besides a sort of frustrated tolerance for the circumstances in which they find themselves, but still, it makes me think there's some sort of value to accentuating the positive. What that is, I haven't quite worked out yet.

*Can you believe that shit? And their social system and infrastructure is no better than France and a good deal worse than the Netherlands - I've stopped blaming the Flemish for wanting to seperate, though that's the topic of another post.

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Baywatch ha detto...

say Spliff, sorry if i missed this, but are you out of the probationary period yet?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Is it ever, that's why I'm on to whining about more money now!

Baywatch ha detto...

awesome! big congrats! vote union!