lunedì, maggio 29, 2006

Secret Shame

For all my self-righteous talk about having given up television, I've been renting HBO's Deadwood. In fact, over the past long weekend I've squandered six hours of precious not-work time watching it. And I believe squander is, indeed, the verb I want, though HBO has an economic model which is more acceptable to me than normal North American television and though the only product placement I've seen so far - it being set in the late 19th century - was for Bird's Custard, which is yums.

See, I'm not sure it's good. Seems kind of predictable, a little formulaic - just an HBO embroidery on a typical dramatic formula, which means overlying titties, horrific violence, and naughty language on relatively simple storylines. Of course, like most people I like seeing titties, horrific violence, and naughty language over simple storylines. But we're not talking the Sopranos Paint Their Wagons here. More Dr. Quinn: Medicine Bitch Who'll Cut Your Eyes Out, Cunt.

But I can't stop watching - I know already I'll rent and watch the whole thing. The acting is quite nice, with Ian McShane - formerly the man who made my mum's heart beat a little faster as Lovejoy - playing the completely stereotypical "devil you know" likeable villain, and a taut little piece called Timothy Olyphant rocking a moustache as well as Tom Selleck as the heroic lead. And even if the acting was utter crap, I'd probably still watch the whole thing because I've got a thing about westerns, and this one is ever so slightly based on actual events. Westerns. Imagine having that history of invasion, dehumanization, and genocide not only integrated into your popular culture, but celebrated in your popular culture. No wonder Americans take so many drugs.

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Dr Wommm ha detto...

Brilliant. You mentioned Lovejoy, one of the landmark Sunday evening mullet-dramas of the 80s. I still want that killer green/yellow Harris tweed jacket that Tinker used to wear in it. Sad or what?

My word verification today is "zimbb".

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I'd nail Ian McShane, so I'm in no position to judge.

Hah! Melissa, did you see Dr. Wommm's word? No, of course you didn't. You're not reading these old comments anymore. I guess I'll just be personally amused.

Melissa ha detto...

Yo! I'll check comments from a day or two before..the fact that television can create a character named 'Tinker' and take it seriously gives me the courage to continue to call Sam 'Tinker' or 'Tink' every chance I get!

Interestingly, he has a shirt that says stinker. If you remove tink from that, and insert 4 other letters, you have his real name! I told Mr. C that we should legally change his name as he truly is a stinker. This is really only interesting to me I know!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Well, there are always nicknames, although I can definitely see Sam Craig telling his analyst in 30 years "My mum used to call me Stinker."

And then his analyst, who will be me, will laugh at him.