sabato, giugno 03, 2006

Perdido en el corazón de la grande Babylon

Still full of unwholesome illness, but fever broken, Wilco song offically out of head, and there’s an apparent willingness on the part of a certain organization to hire Figaro illegally if all else fails. So good. Also Magnum is making an impromptu visit to the city so that will be nice as my head seems to have stopped aching and he has a booming type voice – carrying, you know, a good voice, but not the right one for an aching head. No way I’m making it to Footwork tonight. Many things I feel like doing, but dancing, sweating, drinking, or substance abusing are not among them. I think Magnum, Luke Duke, the policewoman and I will go to my favourite Jap place in Yorkville where I can try to bomb the mucus out of my head with spoonfuls of wasabi.

I watched Maria Full of Grace last night, which was a nice thing to watch. I have never seen such a good ad for illegal immigration. Illegal immigration doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me, which I may be saying in part because of my personal situation, but people who don't argue from their personal situations are liars. Illegal immigration seems symptomatic of a free market, and while some may argue that there’s a substantive moral difference between the free circulation of goods and the free circulation of human beings, I agree only insofar as the human beings need more medical and educational attention than the goods. It’s rather ridiculous and illiberal (in the real, not the dumbfuck propagandized American sense of the word) to expect one without the other.

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Jiri ha detto...

I've never thought of it before, but you're so right about immigration. Free movement of people would fix so many things that are wrong with the world today.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I guess the question is whether the movement of illegal people is that of a vaccuum being filled (ex. employment opportunities not being exploited by the legal population) or that of an opportunistic infection (ex. moving to a country to exploit its social safety net). I think it's almost invariably the first so illegal immigration is fine. I know lots of people think the second, but I get the feeling they're just thwarted communists looking for someone to blame for the untenability of their emotional world view.

I like big words.