venerdì, giugno 02, 2006

I'll sleep right here on the draining board

So I watched the rest of Deadwood and it went crappy and predictable, thank GOD. Ian McShane’s character, Swerengen, turned downright nice, AND grew a mullet. The way he spoke to his subordinates – caustically, instead of with a boot on their throats like in the first season – made me feel like he was about to start appraising antiques and seducing Lady Jane. As for the rest, baaaaaaah. Fuck the third season. My life is once more my own.

I came to work today. It was a mistake, I feel even awfuller, and I need to recoup my energy to go to the night Lady is hosting at Footwork. I think I’ll go home later and keep looking for foreign paycheques. In something of a pisser because the school that was going to interview Figaro has put it off until such a time as discussing his situation with their immigration lawyer, which to me sounds like a brush-off. Bitches.

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