domenica, giugno 04, 2006


Feeling loads better today. Still kinda gross. Went to the Red Room with Luke Duke, Magnum, and the Policewoman yesterday, as well as one of the Double Cousins and a couple friends of Luke and Magnum. It was nice, the service was better than I remember but the food was blander, and I heard excellent news about employment prospects for Figaro from Double Cousin. So that put me in a good mood.

Shopping with the Policewoman put me in an odd mood - I don't shop much because I have credit card debt to shed - but found things I wanted to buy, and didn't, in Zara, H&M, and yes, fucking Lululemon. Lululemon is a buggabear for my industry as they're this incredible marketing success story that doesn't use traditional media - certainly not television. And I appreciate that. But it doesn't change the fact their shit is way overpriced and the owner pushes the merits of child labour. It's positioned on the market - and priced - to appeal to people who don't like child labour, one, and two - child labour - holy fuck. Maybe I'm a raging capitalist and think sometimes sweatshops could be alright ideas in terms of long-term economic development and the emancipation of women, but children should be going through a real educational process until they're at least 18 and anybody who says differently is a cunt. That's not emotion, that's fucking common sense. So I shan't buy any goddamn Lululemon, even if it makes my ass look veritably edible.

Anyways, late last night (whilst sober) I had a brainwave and I think I have a subject for a doctoral thesis now. I have to give it some shape. I have to get money from people. I have to . . . I have to . . . kaboom! My head just exploded. I'm going to the gym to relax.

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calisaurus ha detto...

I like wearing grubby clothes to the gym because of the sweat factor - why would I buy pants more expensive than my average complete outfit just for sweating?

But I do love their gym bags - they are always out of stock and I want one!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I guess sometimes people want to be pretty for the gym. Magnum met the Policewoman at the gym and she wears Lululemon, so if you want men like my brother I guess it's a good idea.

Me, I liked the 'sway skirt' for my business casual office - I could wear it practically every day and never have to iron or wash it. Because it's Lululemon! But then I decided Lululemon is dumb.