giovedì, giugno 08, 2006

Tenir bon le coup, ma petite pomme de terre

Brainstorming. And not just when paper or a keyboard is in front of me, which is inconvenient. For the first time – is it the first? I don’t remember – I’m regretting the effect of all that reefer on my memory, because I’ve had at least three ideas that escaped before they could be put into characters. I think they’ve since come back, but one never knows. Anyways, I was walking to my analyst’s last night, and an idea struck me aloud: “Of course! Lululemon makes your ass look gorgeous! That’s really important!” I guess it struck me aloud louder than it should have, because I nearly shocked an oncoming cyclist into some traffic. Don’t know what’s so shocking about it. Everybody knows Lululemon makes your ass look gorgeous, and that gorgeous asses are important. Doesn't mean I would ever buy that overpriced gouge-on--rack shit.

No news fit for print today, and not much to rant about either. It burns me up that Ella Fitzgerald CDs are so cheap. Except it doesn’t. Not at all. Sigh . . . More pretty French words for you, some I knew already but still so pretty . . . mondaine, finement, flopée de paquerette, fourmillements, bousiller (that one’s for you too, Lady); and some more terms: elle est bien roulée, tenaillé par le faim, se répandre en lamentations bruyantes. So pretty. Speaking of pretty, I’m on a heavy Beethoven kick at the moment. I think it’s darling that the EU is using the final movement of the 9th as an anthem. So German of them. If there’s anything better about the European Union than the often-theoretical notion of free circulation of the citizenry, it’s their anthem.

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Melbine ha detto...

I also am shocked when great classic CDS are on sale, whether it's a jazz great, or an 18th century composer. But you know, the cheap ones are usually hideous recordings/versions. The nice ones..not so cheap!

Have a good day!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

True enough. Good opera are FUCKING expensive. But one of the best CDs EVER, with good sound quality too, must be Nina Simone's "Let It All Out", which goes for $8 at Amazon and in the 2 for $10 catory at Sams - get it in combo with "Pastel Blues" on Amazon and it's around $13. Figaro got that for me when he got himself some BB King. Sweetheart he is.


Jiri ha detto...

I'd say it's daring of them - I've read it that way the first time too. Maybe I have some disease that prevents me from seeing Ls. Even though I thing it's daring doesn't mean it's bad. They just better be able to back it up.

Melbine, that picture is insanely pretty. I can't leave comments on your blog because you don't allow anonymous ones.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Yeah, it's funny, because in the anthem version they don't use Schiller's German words, out of sensitivity I suppose, and yet the ideas expressed in them are the things that make something as zany as the European Union - or the rest of Europe agreeing on taking a German peice as an anthem when people can still remember the second world war - possible. I suppose the beauty of the music gets the ideas across, but that's always been a nice 'tree-falling-with-nobody-to-hear' meditative conundrum for me.