lunedì, ottobre 31, 2005

Somebody bring me to the opera so I stop writing posts this retarded

I need a new bed. My old bed, a clic-clac futon thing I've been using for years, is fucking up my life, or at least my back. I LOVE other people's beds, and I'm not unconvinced the crappiness of my bed hasn't been pushing me into inappropriate beds over the last little while. I sleep, when I sleep over, the way a gourmande gorges on Fazer chocolate. "Ahhhhhh. Lying on my back is nice. I do enjoy this lying on my back. Shall I be a beast? Shall I lie on my tummy? Lordy lou, I do think the tummy is even nicer than the back! Now I'll just help myself to a little turn and try my side . . . ahhhh!"

If I'd been clever, I would have used this free paycheque for a really nice new bed. But, you know. I'm not. Here's what I got instead:

1. Reefer
2. A keyboard
3. Boots
4. Alchohol
5. Make-up for my Halloween costume
6. Uhhhhhm . . . other stuff?

All of which is a way to say, I frittered it away, which is my favourite thing to do with money.

Side note about Halloween. My costume died halfway through the dressing process, I was going to be a re-colourized black and white film character but I couldn't find any green powder foundation - no idea why I thought I'd be able to. I ended up dressing like a Hispanic-y ho to match the lovely and talented Mr. N, who was Scarface. I wasn't the ho-iest ho of the night, but I was pretty tawdry by reasonable standards. And that night, for the first time, lawyers - multiple lawyers - hit on me. Makes me wonder if lawyers, you know. How they relax.

Besides a bed, I need music suggestions for a young relative, who does rhythmic - is it rhythmic? - fuck, those gymnastics on the floor, you know, with the great big mat where they do thier thing with the ribbons and hula-hoops and whatnot. Anyways, she needs music. Something with rhythm, even a beat; no or almost no vocals; and no fucking Gotan Project or other pseudo-tango, that's being done to death by all her little peers. Suggestions?

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Emlyn ha detto...

When I think rhythmic gymnastics, I think Asian for some reason--I was probably warped by an anime I liked when I was younger. So, how about some DJ Krush--he's mostly ambient chilled stuff, but he's got some cool tracks with funky rhythm mixed in with those Asian-y instruments. Or how about Metallica? Then she can just grab her gymnastic club and batter the judges senseless with it. Fun!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

And go figure! The girl herself is half Asian. I shall certainly look into DJ Krush, thank you!