domenica, giugno 25, 2006

I'll give back all the knowledge

I’ve been wearing the cunning strappy little Campers sandals I bought in Paris three years ago for the past three days as I zipped around the greater Outaouais region. Today they started, for the first time ever, fucking killing. Weird. Maybe it was from the hike in the woods with Mr. H on Friday - how serious Mr. H is! To think I never saw how serious he was! Huh - maybe it was from the scooter ride with Blonde Bitch from the Elysian Hills to Ottawa on those zippy country highways when every ounce of common sense told me I should have been wearing boots - obviously I was fine, but my ridiculously exposed feet were sunburned.

Blonde Bitch is someone I trust nearly completely, I realize. I'd leave a newborn at her doorstep, if such a thing were called for. I don't think I'd have consented to take a scoot like that with most other people but with her it was just mad fun. And then we got to Ottawa for the tail end of Mel's birthday! Happy birthday, Mel! I bet you thought I'd forgotten or was wilfully ignoring your reminders, but I wanted to be a birthday surprise.
So Ottawa was lovely and/or interesting, and so were the Elysian Hills. Outside of missing Mr. H when he moves to Halifax with his woman, I'm really going to miss that place, as you can tell from the euphemism (I don’t know why I bother giving a euphemism to such a tourist destination – I still want it to be a secret!) I like the community, I like the way those people make connections between their lifestyles and the way they feel about the world. And I like boys who are into that because their bodies get lean and brown; when they talk it's not about video games and they try to understand things instead of narrowing their mental categories as fast as normal people tend to do. I, of course, am still a chaste young Penelope, but I was charmed.

So among other realizations, the weekend served to show me I'm kind of sick of Toronto. And also, I suppose, that there are things I'm capable of I wasn't sure I was before - hard to say what I mean. I guess the thing is I'm not scared of people relying on me for certain things anymore. That's allowed. They're allowed. I prefer it that way.

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Melbine ha detto...

Seeing you was one of the highlights of my birthday!! I LOVE the necklace, it's just perfect for me. I have to keep it away from Tink though.

Glad you had a good weekend, but I'm looking forward even more to seeing you next month when we can finally spend some quality time.

ps - I trust Blonde Bitch implicitly as well...

Jiri ha detto...

Elysian hills are awesome. I'd really really like to live there one day. I'm not going to call them that though. They remind me more of the land from The Last of the Mohicans. It's not all that far from there, and so it makes sense, actually.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Mel: Although I knew the colours of the necklace were right for you, with the little Rembrandt thing you have going on, I was pleased and surprised to see how pretty it actually looked on you. Yaaaaay!

Jiri: Fair enough - when I think of Last of the Mohicans I think of Enya music and Daniel Day Lewis looking constipated, but that is %100 my fault for not reading the book. Everybody has told me I should. Well, not everybody, but my brother has, and he's important.

Sugarplum ha detto...

You guys are great. It is so nice to share my fun little Skootie with someone. Mel HAS to come for a zip sometime. I am truly touched but I must stress that there should be no babies on the doorstep unless you plan to come back in a few hours.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Duly noted, bitch!