martedì, giugno 27, 2006

The Red Dragon feels put upon

Okay. I’m happy to have people rely on me for some things: not for fucking others. This botany project has turned into pure bullshit. Pure fucking bullshit. Hmmph. And my back is completely fucked, which makes sitting at that bullshit hard. My painful back confuses me. Miss G. volunteered the idea that 11 hours in a Greyhound combined with a series of strange beds, luggage and odd bits of stress, like being table-waited by an ex’s new woman, riding a scooter down country highways for an hour and hoisting babies at Mel’s birthday might have something to do with it. She’s probably right.

Last night, while I waited for a home cocktail of codeine and alcohol to take me to a painless dreamland, I finished reading Hunger’s Rogues, a book by Jacques Sandulescu which is apparently so obscure doesn’t have it. I’m not surprised. It’s not Pulitzer material or anything. His sentences are worse than the Guardian’s. However, it is so good at painting pictures of the men who scraped a tidy profit off the black market in post WWII Germany, and contains many repetitions of the self-exculpatory phrase “who cares? They were the ones who started the war . . .” as they variously fleece and befriend the people who’s country they’re stuck in (“they” being a bunch of non-Germans who were stuck there for various reasons, waiting to be shipped off home or to the New World). I really reccommend it if it crosses your path – nothing if not exciting.

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Lady ha detto...

you'll see, after you're done the botany thing, you'll be saying, "it was my pleasure, don't worry about it." ;) ;) :)

Melbine ha detto...

Here's to sore backs! Maybe you should look into physio - the potential of some eye candy of a physiotherapist is good for more than just your back!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Lady, not to take away from your incredible and hard work - I know alot of my sentences were frightful beasts - but in this project, "Such as myrtle, ivy, oleander, roses, bay leaves, oriental planes, and strawberry trees in the background." is apparently a sentence on its own.

Mel, I'm going to start seeing a shiatsu therapist Luke Duke's mother-in-law reccommended - she's a very nice Korean girl and not at all my type. I figure I get enough temptation walking down the street these days.

Melbine ha detto...

Ooh, shiatsu..sounds very nice and healing. Ha, temptation walking down the street. You're clearly in downtown T.O. and not the Ottawa suburbs!

ps - that's so cute that you've named *blank* Luke Duke! If I'm thinking of the right he on his way to daddyhood again?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Yes he is! And so soon, too, it's getting exciting.

Melbine ha detto...

It's very exciting!! Yay for babies!