sabato, luglio 01, 2006

Bend me, shape me, any way you want me

Yesterday I had my first Shiatsu massage. I had no idea what to expect – knew nothing about Shiatsu besides a vague idea you keep your clothes on and there are pressure points – so it was a big surprise. And it worked – there’s still a touch of iffiness in my back, but no stiffness. They really wrestle you around a good bit, don’t they? I felt manipulated in a way that was almost embarrassing – certainly no man has manipulated me that authoritatively since 2001. Oh Paolo . . . what I wouldn’t give for just five minutes . . . anyways, the oddest bit was when my slip of a masseuse grabbed some part of my arm and back and rotated my whole shoulder mechanism in what felt like a huge socket until it stopped making gross clicking noises, and then the same in the other direction. Wow.

Then I watched the tail end of the Argentina/Germany game, and felt nostalgic for sexual relations. Oh sexual relations . . . what I wouldn’t give for just five minutes . . . I’m sorry Argentina’s out because they're practically Italian, and in my opinion they were the hottest team, pound for pound. Also I think Italy would have wiped the floor with them, and now Italy has to go through Germany instead, and it probably won’t because Germany is kind of, uhm, better.

Then I got driven to North Bay where I got bombed at Magnum’s house. Magnum, thanks to his new young girlfriend, is now surrounded by a coterie of girls my age. It’s funny to see him in their midst, sort of like a silverback gorilla swarmed by a bunch of fun-loving female bonobos. He looks pretty happy though. He and his girlf made burgers wherein goat cheese was mixed into the patty – fucking genius. In our family we always mix cheese into the burger patty, in the spirit of meatballs, to give it some cohesion and flava. Usually we use a hard pecorino or parmesan though – using a soft unripened goat cheese was a coup. Bravo, Magnum. He’s the greatest.

2 commenti:

Melbine ha detto...

Hmm, Shiatsu sounds pretty interesting. Is it expensive?

What did you think of Brazil getting put out today?

Thanks for linking a definition for bonobo, I had no idea!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I used bonobo lesbian orgies as an example of something in Humanities for an essay about Simone de Beauvoir and got an A+, so I like bonobos.

Shiatsu,I think it's, like, $35 a session. I had a coupon and now I have insurance, so I'm not sure.

As for France winning - I have a soft spot for Zidane, he reminds me of one of my brothers. So even though it's France, it would be cute to see him win the thingie and be all happy and shit before he retires. You could have knocked me down with a feather, though, I totally thought Brazil would win everything, ever.

Also I've decided to stop hating on France. It's time to move on. It would help if my ex-advisor weren't such a cunt, but I'm trying hard.