venerdì, giugno 30, 2006

Off home for the weekend

North Bay is still home? Maybe? Apparently? Anyways . . .

Last night I ate a huge bowl of roast marshmallow ice cream from the Tequila Bookworm (good – not La Cigale of Chelsea or Berthillon or anything Italian, but good) after a pretty good burger from Epicure. J*Fish was at a loss to decide whether the Shanghai Cowgirl beats out the Epicure for burgers, and I understand his confusion. But on reflection Shanghai Cowgirl’s higher juiciness/fat content and sweet potato fries DO beat out Epicure’s shmancy toppings and superior freshness – it’s close, but there you are. I mean, Epicure uses prosciutto crudo as a topping, which sounds really nice and looks really nice, but when you bite into a great big burger it just amounts to a layer of saltiness. There’s a reason a big old slab of peameal tastes so great on a Cowgirl burger – it’s not just about salt. The peameal is thick enough to have its own texture in the midst of all that burger – and then, of course there’s all that yummy yummy pig fat goodness mingling into the irresistible juiciness of a good rich beef haché.

Saints preserve us. Thank god that gall bladder thing turned out to be stress, and not stones. I could live without animal fat binges, but it’s just so much better this way. And if there are any vegetarians reading, I feel bad for you if this is gross and overly graphic. I admire vegetarians. I really do. But it’s in the same back handed way I admire women who put on make-up every morning, i.e., I know I should be more like you, but then I’d be a fucking sucker.

Anyways, because of a throwaway comment about how I’d lost a lot of weight from J*Fish’s brother, who I pretty much never see, I realized I probably actually was as fat as I thought I was back during my undergrad and might not be now. That was interesting. I have noticed clothes have fit exponentially better and shopping has been exponentially easier ever since fourth-year ACL surgery made me stop eating for a few weeks and permanently took away my taste for processed foods, but I guess I’d always figured that was because everybody else in the world had got fat without me really being able to notice and now clothesmakers were shifting size values to make us all feel better about being fat.

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Melbine ha detto...

Peameal bacon is practically the only pork I'll eat. SO good. Yum.

How DO women put on make-up every morning? I'd rather use the time to eat, eat, eat.

As for fat, you have never been fat! Silly. Almost everyone I know has this period of time freshly out of puberty where your body is still growing into itself after gaining boobs, hips etc. Does that make sense?? I think most people are thinner from the good old undergrad days. Or else, sadly, fortune went the opposite way for them.

Melbine ha detto...

I should clarify that I'm speaking about young women, and not young men. Not many men I know gained boobs after puberty.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Yeah, everybody has settled into their bodies quite nicely. The girls, anyways. I don't know too many men who got tits right after puberty, but I can think of a few now.

I'm going for my first shiatsu massage ever now - I'm excited!

Dr Wommm ha detto...

Roast marshmallow ice cream? Oh my fucking god.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I believe that's what I said through mouthfuls.

Sadly, like the album you described today, it was a good thing that could have been so much more . . . if there were more marshmallow chunks and if the base ice cream had been a fresher vanilla I'd have found a way to make babies with it. As it is, I'll just go back and get some more in a couple weeks.